Perky Turkey’s Perfect Plan

cvr200x300perkysplanPERKY TURKEY’S PERFECT PLAN
Book I of the Perky Turkey series
Written by Judy Goodspeed
Illustrated by Chet Taylor

Children’s Picture Book
24 pages (G) full color
Released in 2005 by
Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.

Perky has the perfect plan for her and the other turkeys on the farm to avoid becoming part of the Thanksgiving Day menu.

COLOR PAPERBACK [EAN 9780979757433 | ISBN 0979757436] 8×10 trim (color) | Average Retail: $11.99 or less || Paperback at Amazon | Paperback at Amazon UK | Paperback at Barnes & Noble | Color Paperback $8.99 at Lulu |

COLOR HARDBACK [EAN 9780977865116 | ISBN 0977865118] 8.5×11 library casebound | Average Retail: $19.99 || Hardback at Lulu |

COLOR EBOOK [EAN 978-1-936381-87-6 | ISBN 1-936381-87-7] Available in Amazon Kindle and standard EPUB | Average Retail: $4.99 || EPUB at B&N Nook | EPUB at Smashwords | Kindle at Amazon | Kindle at Amazon UK | Also at Apple iBooks, Blio, Kobo Books, Scribd, and more!


“Children warm to Perky Turkey’s lively character, as well as relate to her struggles as a leader. Fine Thanksgiving holiday picture books are always in demand in public libraries, and Goodspeed has hit the mark. Hooray for Perky Turkey!” ~ Sandy Shropshire [FIVE STARS]

“Perky Turkey, a wise bird, figures out a way to avoid being gobbled up at Thanksgiving. Perky’s plan even makes headline news! Bright illustrations by Chet Taylor accompany this inspirational story. Children will love these colorful farmyard characters! Great book to share with kids during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.” ~ Apples4the

“A unique story. It helps the reader empathize with turkeys being raised as a future Thanksgiving dinner!” ~ Shanna Bartlett Groves

“Not just for the holidays. A darling tale for any time.” ~ Chaos Arts Reviews


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