Perky Turkey’s 4th of July Adventure

Perky Turkey Series (Book III)
Written by Judy Goodspeed
Illustrated by Chet Taylor

Children’s Picture Book
24 pages (G) full color
Released in 2008 by
Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.

In order to outwit a hungry coyote, Perky Turkey and the rest of the turkeys on the farm create a bang up 4th of July surprise!

COLOR PAPERBACK [EAN 9780980137613 | ISBN 0980137616] 8×10 trim (color interior) Average Retail: $11.99 or less || Paperback at Amazon | Paperback at Amazon UK | Paperback at Barnes & Noble | Color Paperback $8.99 at Lulu |

COLOR HARDBACK [EAN 9780980137606 | ISBN 0980137608] 8.5×11 library casebound (color) Average Retail Price: $19.99 || Hardback at Lulu |

COLOR EBOOK [EAN 9781936381869 | ISBN 1936381869] Available in Amazon Kindle and standard EPUB (color) | Average Retail: $4.99 || EPUB at Barnes & Noble Nook | EPUB at Smashwords | Kindle at Amazon | Kindle at Amazon UK | Also available at Apple iBooks, Blio and more!


“Author Judy Goodspeed and artist Chet Taylor team up for a third time to tell the adventures of Perky the Turkey. How can a hole in the fence lead to so much trouble? Read PERKY TURKEY’S 4TH OF JULY AVENTURE to find out!” ~ Sparks Reviews [FIVE STARS] 


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